Thursday, November 4, 2010

Long time no post!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's been nearly 4 months since I've last posted on this blog.  What a whirlwind life has been for the past while ~ I commend all your bloggers who find the time and energy to post daily, in addition to living life!

To be honest, I have been contemplating shutting the blog down...  I just can't seem to post consistently enough to maintain a blog, which suggests to me that it's not high on my priority list.  Plus it seems like all of the things I write about are easily found elsewhere on the internet...  there are tons of blogs out there that speak to simple living, homeschooling, living consciously and lightly.  I have grown in leaps and bounds since first starting this blog, and in many ways I feel it has fulfilled its purpose...  documenting my journey to living an on-purpose life.  Of course, I will never fully feel that I have "arrived"...  part of living intentionally is in the constant striving, the constant evaluating and re-evaluating, and of course, in the doing, the living in the present moment.  These will all be life-long pursuits.  But I know now that I have chosen the right path, and it's just a matter of following it and seeing where it leads.

If I decide to continue with this blog, I will have to give some thought to what direction I want to take it in, and how it will differ from what already exists out there.  I also need to give some thought to whether blogging has a place in my life right now, and how much of a commitment I am willing to make.  I would love to hear from anyone who is still checking in here - let me know you're still around, and if you're interested in an On-Purpose Living revival.  :)  It would also be helpful to know what you're interested in reading about!