Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day, All!!

Well although I haven't posted in awhile, I thought it only fitting that I do at least a quick post in honour of Earth Day.  The funny thing is, I wracked my brain trying to think of something special we could do to celebrate Earth Day, but couldn't think of anything!  Every day is Earth Day around here.  Every day we make a conscious effort to do what we can for our planet, so really, today was no different for us.  The kids did draw pictures of the earth, put them in envelopes and placed them in the mailbox (to be mailed to the Earth...  how cute!) to say thank-you for all that the Earth gives us.  I had a lovely visit with an old friend this afternoon whom I haven't seen since university.  I bumped into her at the Farmer's Market a couple of weeks ago, and found out she was pregnant and was interested in cloth diapering.  She was looking for some tips, so I invited her over to show her what it was all about.  And then of course we chatted about just about everything OTHER than diapers.  Then after she left it was such a nice day today, that instead of cleaning up we all went out for a walk.  Being outdoors is really the best way to celebrate Earth Day, isn't it?  Just enjoying what we are so lucky to have.  Hope you all had a nice Earth Day today!  Did you do anything special to celebrate?


  1. I do think outside is the best way to celebrate Earth Day! On Earth Day I like to go through our crayons, cds, & movies and send them off for recycling (w/the boys). Those are things that are not easy to recycle here and so they just build up b/c I don't want to throw them away. So once a year those things get decluttered and recycled :) ~ On the diaper note - I want to make cloth diapers for this one and I was curious which pattern you would suggest for a begginer cloth diaperer and any others I should know. I've looked through most of your cloth diaper posts. I see that you posted on Mama Bird and the Rita's Romp patterns. Do you still recommend those? ~~ Thanks for any info!!

  2. Hi Bridgett,
    Do you have a lot of sewing experience? If not, I would say Rita's Rump is the way to go... they're definitely the absolute easiest to start with. If you do have some sewing experience, I'd say the Darling Diapers Newborn (it's a free download, just search for it and I'm sure you'll find it), it has an umbilical cord snapdown, and overall it's just a nice pattern. I'm pretty sure it's meant for snaps only though (I'm nursing the baby right now so can't go check!). I still love the Mama Bird pattern as a great, basic pattern, and you can use either velcro or snaps with it. I think she's now charging a small fee for the download, something like $2.00 (which is very reasonable!). What are you planning on using for covers?

  3. Thanks Alissa! I'm somewhere in between on sewing experience. I started sewing 5 years ago but for 4 of the years I had a bad sewing machine and only sewn monthly at a sewing club.- for the cover I was considering fleece b/c that's what I have on hand. I'm trying to use as much of my own fabric first before heading to the store. Is there a separate pattern for covers and is there a material you prefer for covers? Thanks so much for your help. I do not know a single person who cloth diapers to talk to so it means a lot!

  4. OOh, your monthly sewing club sounds fun! Was it just an informal gathering of friends? Or did you go somewhere to do it? I've tried to start up things like that numerous times but it always seems to fizzle out. I think it's so important to get together with other women and do that kind of stuff. I think it comes back to what I mentioned in my earlier comment to you, all of my friends work outside the home, so things like sewing just fall to the bottom of the pile, and they're either not interested or don't have the time. Too bad you didn't live closer. :)

    For the cover, I've made one out of fleece, and to be honest, it wasn't great. I much prefer wool... do you have any old wool sweaters laying around that you can felt? If so, you can cut your pattern out of that, and use the wool instead. Wool has so many nice qualities... it's natural, it breathes, and it is naturally antibacterial so it doesn't get stinky. Fleece covers you'd have to wash after pretty much every use, whereas wool, I only wash once a month (or if poop gets on them). Or if you can knit, there are some nice patterns around for wool covers! I've only knit two so far, but hope to make a couple more... I'm pretty much a beginner knitter but I found it pretty straightforward.

  5. In the monthly sewing club we met at a friends house (expert sewer). She would pick universal projects so that every level could feel satisfied. She had it going for years before I joined and then I was in it for 3. She had to step down for various reasons and after that no one had interest in it. :( It was a fun time though.

    Thanks for the diaper cover advice. I think I'm going to purchase a few good diaper covers in the begining so I'm not overwhelmed w/sewing. I made my first cloth diaper the other day - Rita's Romp. It turned the way the directions said it would! :) So this week is going to be my cloth diaper week. I plan to make at least two a day.

    I also made all our cloth wipes using leftover fabric and old t-shirts!

    My husband is a little nervous about all the cloth (work) but he is willing to give it a try.

  6. Great job, Bridgett! Keep me posted. :)