Saturday, March 20, 2010

My First Bulk Food Order!

We got to pick up our very first bulk food order today! I never thought I'd be this excited about food. :) This is going to be such a huge savings for us, compared to buying small packages of organic food at the grocery store. And a nice perk is the fact that our grocery shopping is going to be far less of a hassle! We'll just put in a bulk order every few months, and pick it up when it comes in... we'll actually have very little to get at the grocery store! Between buying dry goods through the co-op, and shopping at the farmer's market, I hope to avoid the grocery store altogether.

We got:
22 pound bag of organic whole wheat flour
17 pound bag of organic rolled oats
25 pound bag of organic green lentils
11 pound bag of coarse grey sea salt

There were a couple of things that didn't come in, such as our basmati rice, white unbleached flour (she just forgot to bring it, so we'll pick that up next week), and a 2 pound bag of organic, fair-trade, locally roasted coffee. This order was basically just to get the ball rolling in terms of buying things in bulk; I imagine our next order will include several other things. The savings is quite substantial; overall about 50% less than what we'd pay at the grocery store. Not to mention it's local, and there is far less packaging than buying multiple small packages of things, making it much healthier for the planet.


  1. Hi, Alissa...just wondering where you ordered your bulk food? I live in Marion Bridge. Love the blog!

  2. Hi Charnie,
    Marion Bridge... that's so cool! How did you find my blog?
    There's a lady at the Cape Breton Farmer's Market who runs the co-op. She orders from Speerville, and Just Us. If you're interested and you want to give me your e-mail address I'd be happy to send you her contact info, I just probably shouldn't post it on the blog.

  3. Hi Alissa!I love the idea of buying in bulk to cut down waste and cost! I'm following you now too! And I can relate about the new love of wool, I've developed one too! cheers