Friday, November 13, 2009

A full and busy week!

Sorry I haven't been around this week. Things have been a bit busy around here (well, busier than usual!). My husband took the week off to work on the basement (hooray!), building and installing lots of shelving in the furnace room (hooray for storage!!), and also working on making a playroom for the kids! They have no idea that they're getting it, and we're hoping to have it done as a surprise for them for Christmas. It's a pretty small space, with very low ceilings (my poor husband's head almost touches the ceiling while he's working down there), but it will be a great playspace for the kids. And perhaps I'll regain a tiny bit of sanity, knowing that I can simply avoid going down there if I don't want to see the mess! Right now our living room doubles as a play room, and the kids can destroy it in about five minutes flat. Also, Gavin will be mobile pretty soon (he can already scoot around on his tummy!), and in spite of my hypervigilance, there are always little tiny toys on the floor. So it will be nice to have the bigger kids' toys downstairs, so Gavin can safely play up here. I promise to post plenty of pictures when it's all done! :)

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  1. That'll be nice! I miss having a basement here. I live with kids toys just about everywhere in this house! I've actually ended up bringing everything into their bedroom the other day but I am pretty opposed to having their rooms be for anything other than sleeping/relaxing....oh well!!