Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Diaper Woes...

So poor Gavin has been squeezing into his infant prefolds for WAY too long. I've been meaning to sew him up some diapers, but getting to the sewing machine has been a bit of a challenge, to say the least! But now that he weighs nearly 20 pounds, and his prefolds are only meant for up to 15 pounds, the situation was getting a little critical. My original "plan" (HA!) was that Owen would be POTTY TRAINED by the time Gavin outgrew his infant prefolds, and Gavin could wear Owen's Fuzzi Bunz. But alas, Owen is on his own timeline, and potty training is probably still a way off in the future. Not to mention the elastic has gone in them AGAIN, and I just don't have it in me to replace it all again right now.

I went to the Cape Breton Baby Company on the week-end and I picked up some beautiful wool Stacinator diaper covers at a steal. She wanted to get rid of them because she'd had them forever and no one was buying them, so she gave them to me at cost! I got 3 of them, one in a size medium and 2 in toddler size. The toddler size is a bit big yet, but he will grow into them eventually. They're SO nice and soft, and so much better than the PUL covers I was using with the prefolds. Now I just needed some diapers to go with them. I didn't want to invest in a whole new set of diapers, so I thought I'd make some pocket fitteds, and I could use his infant prefolds as inserts. It seemed like the cheapest, least wasteful option.

I sewed this one pretty quickly, (fast sewing is the only kind of sewing I can do these days!), so the quality is less than stellar... don't look too closely! You'll also have to forgive the photo quality; it was 10:00 last night, and Gavin was just waking up, needing a boob and a diaper change so the photography was a little hasty! Anyway, you'll get the gist.

I used the Mama Bird pattern again... it's a really simple, quick pattern.

I used some leftover t-shirt knit that I had used to make Owen some pants. It's nice to be able to use up leftover fabric!

I had some leftover microfleece that I used for the inner. It's nice because it wicks the moisture away from the baby.

The diaper looks wonky in this picture, but it's really not... just the way it was sitting. Like I said, I was in a rush!

And here is the pocket, showing the prefold, folded into thirds as an insert.

Now I just need to make about a dozen or so more. :)


  1. Alissa, this is Robin E. of Mama Bird Diapers. I got your blog comment about snap placement, but since it didn't contain an email address I am replying here (so that you'll find it for sure, just in case you don't come back to my blog looking for an answer).

    The X in a circle mark for snap placement on the pattern is for socket snaps to be placed on the outside of the wing so that the wings can cross over to ensure the widest possible range of fitting. However, from your blog post it looks like you figured that out quite well.

    I love the camo diaper, by the way. I had a couple of them for my little boys, and I had so many diapers in my stash by the time my last baby came along, a little girl, that I didn't sew any for her. I saved the plain white diapers for when we were out of the house, and at home she wore camo, and rockets, and bugs, and all the cute diapers I had made for my boys.

  2. Hi Robin,

    Thanks, I appreciate you coming to tell me! I am, by nature, an impatient person. lol. So I tried to figure it out on my own because I wanted to finish it before going to bed last night.

    I didn't quite get it right... my spacing was a little wonky, but now that I've done it once I know how to do it properly next time. I've made your pattern several times before (I love it, btw! I've tried many other patterns and always come back to yours!), but I've always used velcro, this was my first time doing snaps. The baby slept in it last night, with just the prefold stuffed in it, and it worked great!

    That's cute that your daughter wore bugs and camo... I think I'd prefer that to some of the girly stuff!

    Thanks so much for providing such a great pattern. I got it while it was still free, but I would have happily paid for it. I always recommend it to others, especially as a beginner pattern!

    Take care,

  3. i love your blog, alissa. the diaper looks great, btw... i'm not a very good sewer; the thought of sewing a diaper seems a little overwhelming. i try to stick to fleece hallowe'en costumes, LOL.

    dh was @ coast guard college in sydney from july-dec last year, & the kids and i came out in october and travelled all over the maritimes... my first time back there & it was BEAUTIFUL in the fall! we especially loved cape breton. ;)

    from one coast to the other,
    have a great day!
    (and check out my blog, i've gifted you an award!)

  4. Thanks, n! (How DO you get those squigglies? Can't find them...).
    I wish we'd known each other while you were here, it would have been nice to meet up! Yes, Cape Breton is beautiful, and October is by far the best month to visit. It's stunning, especially on the Cabot Trail. Glad you enjoyed your visit! And thanks so much for the award! :)


  5. I can't believe you can sew awesome diapers like that! You and Frugalbabe astound me with your diaper-sewing skills. If I sewed a diaper I just KNOW it would leak leak leak :)

    The camo is so cool and what a great use for the leftover fabric! Now if you stay up for a few more late-nighters, you'll have a whole new fantastic diaper stash sewn up :)

  6. Sheri,
    Just for the record, sewing diapers is about the easiest thing in the world - no need to be astounded. Your REFRIGERATOR, on the other hand... now THAT's astounding. :)

    And it's the late-nighters that I seem to have trouble with. lol. Last night I was in bed by 9:00, and most nights I'm asleep on the couch by 7:30. lol. One late-nighter a week and I'm done in! :)

  7. Sheri, I totally agree with Alissa that your refrigerator is amazing. I even showed that post to my husband, it was so impressive. Our fridge contains a lot of the same stuff yours does, but there is no way I would post a picture of it online... and things have been known to fall out when we open the door!
    Alissa does have some amazing sewing skills. I had none at all when I first started making diapers, but it's so much easier than it sounds. I'm a big fan of pocket diapers, and I love how quickly they dry on the line, even on cold snowy days.
    Alissa, I love the camo diaper! Our son has plenty of diapers, but that made me want to go and make another one, just because they are so darn cute!

  8. Thanks for the link to the diaper pattern - glad I found this blog!!