Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Taking up knitting...

As I've mentioned before, sewing is pretty much a no-go these days. My sewing time used to be in the evenings, when the house was tidy and quiet, I would sip my tea and work on whatever project I had on the go. I loved sitting at the machine, the quiet hum had such a calming effect. It was my time to unwind and process the day, and think ahead to tomorrow.

And then there was Gavin. :) There is so much hustle and bustle to our days, that Gavin would rather be part of the action than to settle down and nurse. Oh, he has a little nip (HA! No pun intended...) here and there... but no serious nursing. So now, in the quiet of the evening, my time is spent laying on the couch with my nursing babe. I needed a new "unwind" activity that could be done while laying down on the couch. (Gavin is definitely a lay-down nurser). I've had my fill of dishcloth crocheting. I do believe there is a point at which we have enough dishcloths. :) So I decided to take up knitting. I think knitting and crocheting both have their merits, and are each good for different things, so I would love to become somewhat proficient at both. Since I'm also striving to hand-make as many of our things as possible, I believe this Christmas will be mostly a knitted handmade Christmas. (Knitted pajamas, anyone??).

So here is my first real knitting project, almost complete. A wool diaper soaker. I've been wanting to use wool for a long time now, as I love the thought of using all natural fibers on my baby's bum. I've met a lovely new friend by the name of Katrina, who has been kindly putting up with all of my silly knitting questions and helping me through this new venture. I'm still debating whether or not to add a cuff to those legholes. Part of me just wants to be done, and I'm admittedly intimidated by the whole picking up stitches thing... but I think I would be more pleased with it if it had cuffs. I also think I'll felt it a wee bit, since it goes almost up to Gavin's armpits.

I think the other reason I feel the need to craft, is to have something to show for my day that doesn't get "undone". As moms, particularly those of us who stay home with our kids, our days are filled to the brim with seemingly endless chores that have to be done over and over again. We clean, it gets dirty. We put something away, turn around, and someone has gotten it out again. We change a diaper, it gets peed in. We wash, dry, and put away clothes, only to do it all again the next day. We spend hours cooking meals that get eaten (or worse, not eaten). For me, crafting means actually making forward progress on something that won't get undone. It's my saving grace on a day when I feel I've gotten nothing "accomplished". Even one row of knitting is one row more than I had done yesterday. It allows me to meditate and think of my children, who are typically the recipients of my crafting endeavours. I love that what I create, even with its imperfections, is stitched with love, and I hope that my children feel the love that is present in those things. Try getting all THAT from something you bought at WalMart.


  1. Very nice! I love it! I have tried and learned the basics of crocheting a couple times, but need a refresher! I would love to make a blanket or scarf. I think you are spot on! It is nice to have something to show for your day. What us mommies do is arguably the most important job in the world, but we have very little in the way of tangible things to show for it!

  2. Gavin is adorable! And I love the soaker you made. We use wool soakers too, but I made ours out of old wool sweaters that I felted, cut, and sewed together. I haven't ever knitted or crocheted anything more complicated than a basic square. Maybe someday...
    I know exactly what you mean about having projects that don't just get undone. That's how I feel about making diapers for our son. It's a nice change from the chores that just have to be done over and over and over.

  3. Oh how I wish I had time for a hobby! My older daughter is a knitting and crocheting fiend, and she really wants to teach me so that we can sit and do it together...
    Maybe this winter while we're in hibernation :)

    Gavin is plump and delicious! SO cute. And he looks darling in his Mama-made soaker. Good for you for crafting!

  4. Oh wow. You've just said something that has hit me...something that can't be undone....I've been struggling with being at home with the two kiddos, and feeling like all I do is clean and tidy and then do it all again. I've been thinking about doing crocheting...I'm going to look into it. Thanks for the spark.