Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cleaning out the medicine cabinet

My weekly cleaning routine entails cleaning a different part of the house each day of the week. And whatever part of the house I'm cleaning, I try to tackle one extra chore in that room, in addition to the regular weekly cleaning. So on my last kitchen cleaning day, I decided it was time to tackle the medicine cupboard. It had been long-since neglected, and it had become more of a junk cupboard - a place to stick things when we didn't know where else to put them. (Sorry I didn't take any before pictures - just trust me when I say it was bad!!). One thing I've figured out is that the best way to avoid sticking things where they don't belong is by labeling!! Once there's a label on something, I'm far less likely to put something there that doesn't really go there.

(I know that's a funny place for our keys to go - it looked more normal when it was our "junk" cupboard!)

We're also gradually moving away from traditional, over-the-counter medications to more herbal remedies, so I wanted a shelf just for the herbal remedies that would continue to grow as we eliminated the other stuff. Being able to see them there, separately, makes it easier to see how we're doing in that regard.

There were lots of expired medications in there, as well as some medications that were recently deemed unsafe to give children under the age of 6 (according to Health Canada). That list that you see on the cupboard door lists all of the ingredients that kids under 6 should not be given. I figured by the time my kids were 6 those meds would be expired anyway, so I might as well go ahead and pull them out of there now. I bagged up those meds, plus the expired ones, to take to the pharmacy for disposal (so that they wouldn't end up in a landfill).

I love how great it feels to organize just one tiny area of my home. It seems so insignificant - just one little cupboard - but every time I open it, it's like a choir of angels is singing to me. :) And doing one little cupboard here and one little drawer there adds up to a lot of organization over time. And brings just a little more peace into my day.


  1. I did a similar thing a while ago. I finally managed to throw out nearly all our medicines, and replaced them with natural herbal ones instead. Great blog by the way!

  2. If you haven't - whenever you can - check out - it is great! & has a free beginners course you can take. They recently wrapped up their kids & herbs week

  3. Raising Seven Vegans,
    Wow, that's awesome that you were able to replace nearly all of your medicines!

    Thanks for the tip! I will definitely check that out. The only reason I haven't gotten rid of more of the OTC stuff is because I just haven't gotten around to researching the herbal stuff.

  4. Good for you for tackling your house one section at a time! That's the way to do it -- much less overwhelming than doing it all at once (which is impossible with kids!)

    I love that you dispose your expired meds at the pharmacy, you wonderful eco-friendly mama :)


  5. I've been trying to clean one room of the hosue per day ... but it's not been working. I get lazy. I really shouldn't, but it's hard to get motivated to clean! -lol-