Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ditching the microwave

In our quest to create a healthier home, we've done many things so far. We've eliminated all of the chemicals from our home. We've ditched the disposables. We've eliminated most plastics. But one thing we've been procrastinating on is getting rid of the microwave. It's just so darned convenient! Forgot to defrost something from the freezer? Pop it in the microwave! Need to re-heat leftovers? In the microwave they go! Initially I told myself I'd just try to use it less, and to use the stove for re-heating things whenever possible. But slowly, gradually, we reverted back to using the microwave. I've mentioned several times that I'm a believer in creating an environment that sets us up for success. By leaving that thing in the kitchen, I was setting myself up for failure. It is human nature to take the path of least resistance! If the microwave is here, I'm going to use it. So yesterday, after reading a few articles like this one, I decided it was time. I unplugged that baby and got it out of the kitchen. (Okay, it's only sitting about 10 feet away while it awaits its fate in the basement, but at least it's out of the kitchen!). My husband's only protest was that he wouldn't have enough time to re-heat his oatmeal on the stove each morning (he makes a big batch on the week-end and re-heats it all week). I said he'd either have to get up earlier, or put it on the stove on low while he takes his shower, and then eat his breakfast after his shower. The point is, we are all addicted to convenience. One of my favourite new quotes is: "a luxury, once sampled, becomes a necessity". So I am now much more wary of what I sample. We buy things to make our lives easier, and then we can't imagine living without them. I made a deal with him that we'd do without it for a week, as a trial period, and see how it went. If we survive, we will get rid of it for good. Sometimes men have to be eased into such changes. :) But I've already decided that our future will be microwave-free. Now, any tips on re-heating things without a microwave? We eat leftovers for lunch almost every day! I'm thinking our toaster oven will be our new best friend. We'll just have to think about lunch more than 30 seconds before we want to eat.