Monday, June 29, 2009

On the Mend

We received this cute pair of pants as a hand-me-down for Norah from a friend of ours. When I went to put them on her the other day, I noticed the closure was missing. At first I thought it had been a button, so I was just going to sew a new button on. But then I realized there was no buttonhole, so it must have been a snap. I was thinking of making a buttonhole and sewing on a cute button, but then I remembered my snap press!

What good is having a snap press if you can't put snaps on things?

Here's what they looked like all fixed and good to go.

I think mending is such an important part of learning to live simply. It's what our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did, out of necessity. They simply could not afford to discard clothes just because they needed some repair. I think it also teaches our children a valuable lesson. Sadly, most kids today have become accustomed to a throw-away lifestyle. When things break or are in need of repair, we just go out and replace them. Instead, I hope my children learn that no matter what we have, we take the best care of it that we can, and if it breaks we make every effort to fix it before deciding to replace it. Even if it's some cheap toy that breaks (and I'm probably happy it's broken! lol), we still try to repair it, if for no other reason than to set an example.

Now to tackle the rest of my mending pile. What's in your mending pile?


  1. That's a great philosophy and I completely agree with you! Good job on the naps!

  2. make that snaps! I bet you WISH you had a nap!

  3. lol...thanks. And yes, I would LOVE a nap. :)

  4. I need to be better about mending. I actually usually just (depending on where it needs to be mended) wear what I have, as long as it doesn't look too ratty. For example, I have a pair of capris that I seriously wear almost every day that have a tear by one of the belt loops. I should mend it, but since I am not very handy in that manner, I just wear them as is. My shirts always cover anyway. But you make an excellent point about what previous generations did out of necessity. I am trying to make it a point right now to not buy any new clothes for my daughter (well, I did just buy a couple cloth swim diapers) because we have so many hand me downs. And if I don't have something suitable for some specific need, I will seek out friends with kids to see if they have any clothing or shoes they want to part with, for a price (or free, but I always offer to purchase first) and then if not I will hit the thrift store. Someplace like Target is my last resort!

  5. Kelly,

    I often do that too! Especially my around-the-house stuff. If no one is going to see me in it, I don't care so much. :) Although mending is still probably good in that case, because something that has a small tear in it will eventually become a big tear if not repaired.

    We try not to buy new clothes for our kids either - any time they have something new, more often that not it was a gift from someone. A couple of weeks ago though we had a wedding to go to, and I hadn't planned ahead to find something for my daughter to wear. The night before the wedding, we ended up at the mall, where we spent SEVENTY-FIVE dollars on a dress, a hat, a pair of tights, and new shoes. I felt sick to my stomach. I know that if I had planned better we could have easily found something cheap or free. I swore that would never happen again - I just need to plan better for such occasions.

    I had a thought about your swim diapers (although probably too You use pocket diapers, don't you? For swim diapers, we just use pocket diapers without the insert.

  6. I have done that in the past, with the pocket diapers without the insert. However, I saw some adorable ones and just had to buy them. Impulse, sure, but we swim A LOT! And with the pockets without the insert, they just don't seem as snug, and I don't want any poop floating in our pool!lol. The bum genius ones work pretty well, but our velcro is getting pretty worn out.