Monday, May 25, 2009

It's a Keeper!!

I must say, I was very skeptical about this washing machine. I really WANTED to love it, but based on the reviews I read, I was reserving judgement until I had put it to the test with all of our different laundry needs. Since getting the machine, I have washed:

  • Whites
  • Colours
  • Darks
  • Diapers
  • Towels
  • Sheets
  • Comforter
EVERY SINGLE LOAD came out perfectly. They come out of the machine just a little damp, and dry in HALF the time that they would have previously. The diapers smelled fresh and clean. I washed all of our sheets this morning in ONE load (in our old machine I would have done it in 3 loads), and they were not twisted or wrinkled at all (that was one of the complaints I read most often, that sheets got twisted into knots). There is a setting for sheets, and whatever it does, it washes them beautifully. The comforter I washed on the "bulky" setting, which is for puffy, light things. It fills the machine up with water (instead of the usual spray and rinse), and seemed to do a good job. All of our clothes came out clean and smelled fresh. So I'm not sure if all of those people complaining just didn't read the manual and use the correct settings for each load, or what... but I have not experienced any of the things they complained about.

What I love about this machine:

  • It's quiet!! Our laundry room is right off our kitchen, and I still can't hear the machine running. During the spin cycle it makes a neat "whirring" kind of sound... that gets higher pitched the faster it spins. Sounds like an airplane taking off (but quieter).
  • The see-through lid: Since this machine cleans so differently from regular machines, I like being able to see how it treats different types of loads.
  • Automatic laundry soap/fabric softener/bleach dispensing: There are places to put each of those things, and the machine knows when to release them into the wash.
  • The GIANT capacity: I love that I can fit a ton of stuff into one load. I can now probably average one load per day, rather than my previous 3-4 loads.
  • Stuff comes out almost dry: I used to pull sopping wet things out of my washing machine, and then they would take forever to dry. Even if I put them on the clothes line, often at the end of the day they would still be damp and I'd have to throw them in the dryer anyway. Now there's barely any water left in them when they come out.
  • The fun buttons. :) Seriously... it's fun watching things that light up. I know, I know. The novelty of that will wear off soon. But for right now I look forward to laundry. I'll enjoy it while it lasts!
  • Automatic settings: I love that I just have to pick "whites" or "colours" and it automatically knows what temperature settings to use, water level, spin speed, whether or not to use bleach, etc. Easy-peasy.
  • Energy and water savings: I'm curious what our next energy and water bill will look like, as I'm sure laundry comprised a huge part of those bills.
No, I'm not getting paid to tout this machine. :) It's just that I was nervous about making such a major purchase and that I'd end up hating it. I'm thrilled that it has exceeded my expectations. We're still going to buy the extended warranty, which will give us 5 years of coverage, in case any of the electrical components go bad. But for now, all is well!

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