Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still here... still.

Thanks for checking on me, Frugal Babe!

I'm still here... still. lol. My babies like to appear exactly on their due dates, so I'm anticipating a Sunday arrival. Who knows though, this one might surprise me! My suitcase is packed (as is the baby's), my whole house is clean, and I'm finding myself cleaning the same things over and over again to ensure they stay that way. I'm even washing half-loads of laundry to ensure I stay caught up. lol. I'm starting to feel a little OCD-ish! It's like nesting as an extreme sport. I guess I'm paranoid that everything is going to fall apart at home during the 3 days I'm at the hospital, so the more caught up I am the better. I should give my husband more credit than that, but men seem to have this innate ability to not see dirt. He's great at tidying, but there sure won't be any tub-scrubbing or floor-washing or dusting going on. And since I have to do a minimum of 2 loads of laundry a day to stay caught up, 3 days without laundry being done is, well, something I'd rather not think about. :) So this is me, taking a deep breath, pretending that everything is going to be fine, that I'm going to come home with a beautiful new baby and be able to ignore the dust bunnies and dirty bath tub and mounds of laundry and things out of place. And the world will not spin off its axis. Please tell me this is so. :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Still here. :)

I know it's been awhile since I've posted - I'm still here! Just busy nesting and getting things ready for baby's arrival (which should be in about 2 weeks). I think we're pretty much ready. As ready as we're going to be anyway! All we really have to do is get the infant seat into the van (it's sitting by the front door... hopefully my husband will have a chance to install it this week-end). My bags are packed with the exception of the last-minute things that have to be thrown in (which I have written on a detailed list in case someone else has to do it for me!). Owen arrived quickly; within 4 hours of my first contraction, so we're planning on this baby making a speedy appearance as well! (Possibly even speedier!). Something I had trouble deciding was whether or not to use cloth diapers while at the hospital. We are full-time cloth diaperers at home, and I really cringed at the idea of using disposables even for those first few days at the hospital. Especially given the fact that they're using regular, chemical-filled disposables. That's hardly the introduction to the world that I want to give this baby. I toyed with the idea of buying some newborn Seventh Generation disposables (which are chlorine-free) to bring with me, but I find disposables in general to be icky. They're flimsy and crinkly and plasticky and stinky (how are those for adjectives!), and I want my baby's first diapering experience to be soft and gentle, both to him and the planet. So in the end I decided I would bring cloth. The baby has his own little suitcase, stuffed to the brim with cloth diapers. :) Bruce tried to talk me out of it because he was afraid I would annoy the nurses if I insisted on using cloth. I decided I could care less if the nurses are annoyed. :) I would actually love for the nurses to see how great cloth diapering can be!

I thought I should also post an update on the whole getting up early thing! I think what it comes down to is that I need sleep more than I need peace and quiet. :) 8 hours is definitely the minimum amount of sleep that I need to be functional. That said though, I have been getting up somewhat earlier; 6:45 rather than 7:00-7:15. While it doesn't seem like a huge difference, it actually does make my mornings run a little smoother. I'm not quite as rushed trying to get things done in the morning, and I end up completing my chores a little earlier, leaving us with more time to do things together. It also seemed a little silly to try to establish a new routine when the new baby is going to turn it all upside down anyway. So for now I'll keep aiming for a 6:45 wake up time, and once the baby arrives I'll just have to go with the flow for awhile!