Thursday, February 12, 2009

What time do you get up?

Particularly if you're a stay-at-home mom, what time do you get up in the morning?  Normally I get up at 7 and shower and get dressed, while Bruce and the kids are having breakfast.  Then I come downstairs and have my breakfast and coffee, and start the morning chores.  I find though, that by the time I get my chores done it's 10:30-11:00 some mornings.  By the time everything is done, it's too close to lunch time to really go anywhere.  Also, I don't like to talk to people until I've had my morning coffee.  And I have very, VERY chatty children.  So, needless to say, I'm cranky in the mornings while my kids are asking me 5 million questions (each of which begins with MOM...) while I'm trying to get my coffee into me.  So I was thinking...  what if I got up before everyone else...  say, at 6.  I could have my breakfast and coffee in peace, then I could go up and grab my shower when everyone comes down for breakfast.  Then I'd probably have my morning chores done by 9, which would leave us much more play time in the mornings (we might even get out more!).  I think I would be much less cranky in the mornings if I took a little time for myself before having to meet everyone else's needs.  Even if it means sacrificing an hour of sleep.  

So...  what time do you get up in the morning?  And how does it work for you?


  1. Right now I have a son that is 17 that has to be transported to college as he is dueled enrolled in high school and college. I am generally up and stumbling around by 5:30 or 6 a.m. I am expecting a new baby in May and by then son will be driving himself and my goal will be to sleep when baby sleeps. :)

  2. womandriver,

    Wow, that's quite a span between your kids. :) I'm expecting a baby in March, and I know my schedule will be all out of whack once the baby comes. It's still nice to know that I will have some kind of schedule to return to once the baby starts to have regular sleeping patterns. I'm not sure I'll have the luxury of sleeping when the baby sleeps though, with a 4 year old and a 2 year old. :) Lucky you! I'm hoping to get as much done in the next 5 weeks as possible so I can do the absolute bare minimum for the first 6 weeks or so after the birth. Now if I could just teach my 4 year old to do laundry....

  3. wow! if it takes you 2-3 hours to finish off all the morning chores, it makes you wonder how the heck working Moms do it!

  4. Rob,

    Yup. :) That's why I choose not to work outside the home. I know that I couldn't do it all. I would be a half-assed homemaker, and a half-assed employee. I know several working moms who hire a weekly cleaning service to clean their house, which as far as I'm concerned just adds to the cost of working. I consider it my financial contribution to the household to do as many things myself as possible. Also, I think what most people don't realize is that working moms' homes just don't get that dirty! There's no one living in them. :) Our house is a full-time, 24/7 home. 3 meals, 2 snacks a day. Arts and crafts. Toys. Lots of spills and messes. Working moms' kids make their messes at daycare and come home to a clean house. :)

    Also, it's not that it takes a solid 3 hours to do those chores. It's that my primary job is looking after my kids, and chores are done with constant interruptions (diaper changes, breaking up fights, getting drinks, etc., and often, the kids are messing faster than I'm cleaning!). My morning chores (that I try to finish by 10 am) include: showering, getting dressed, wiping down the bathroom, making beds & tidying bedrooms, gathering laundry, starting the first load, emptying & re-loading the dishwasher, wiping down the kitchen, attempting to eat breakfast & have my coffee (which I'm doing now!), and each day of the week I deep clean one section of the house (this part alone takes me 45 minutes-1 hour, sometimes longer if there are more interruptions). By then the laundry needs to be re-booted (load in the dryer or on the clothesline), and the next load started. Then once that's all done I go around and clean up the mess the kids made while I was cleaning. :)

    And then there are the afternoon chores and the evening chores. :) My 4 year old is old enough now that I would like to involve her in some of the chores, but to be honest, it makes things take that much longer. (Not that that's an excuse, I know it's a valuable teaching tool, and I consider it my primary responsibility to teach and guide my children). But some days I just want to get it done. :) I am in the process of making her a chore chart, and giving her a few simple chores that she can do, as well as "helping" me as I do my chores, for as long as I can hold her attention. It's a tremendous boost to a child's self-esteem to know that they are capable of doing things, and contributing to the running of the household.

    Hence my reasoning for wanting to get up an hour earlier. :) Just to have a few minutes to sip my coffee and collect my thoughts before it all begins. I think I would be more productive, and more patient with my kids by giving to myself first (something we moms are terrible at!). I'm going to give it a go Monday morning and see if it improves my morning routine! I'll let you know how it goes.

  5. I usually get up about 7am. Thanks to reading your blog a couple weeks ago, we've started a new routine where hubby takes care of the boys while I shower, dress, make our bed and start a load of laundry. He also brings me a coffee as soon as its made, and often unloads the dishwasher (I married an amazing helpful man!).

    But if the baby has had a rough night, or is sleeping in, sometimes I'll sleep longer too. I only have until 8am though until hubby has to start getting ready to leave for work himself.

    I also find it very hard to get out early enough in the day. Having myself ready early sure has helped though.

    Also, I love your reply to Rob. That completely echos my world. My days are a blur of kids, meals, kids, chores, kids, pets, kids and maybe a few minutes to go the bathroom myself. At the end of the day, often it looks even messier then when we started! But hubby and I are both able to see now that often the bigger the mess, the more fun our boys have had :)

  6. Jen,

    Lucky you, you get to go to the bathroom by yourself? lol I've considered locking the baby gate behind me at the bottom of the stairs just so I can pee in peace. :) Usually they trail right behind me.

    You're so right, just getting showered and dressed first thing in the morning really helps to get the day moving. That was a huge step forward for me as well, and now it would take something pretty serious to keep me from getting that shower. My hubby has to be in the shower by 7:45 at the very latest, so sleeping in is not an option...which is fine by me! What a great husband you have, emptying the dishwasher in the morning. :) I've considered asking mine to do that as well, but I'm just grateful that he gets the kids their breakfast, and gets the fire going in the morning. I don't want to push my luck. :)

  7. This is so something I need to work on and something I would benefit from. I get up at different times, depending on the day. On Mondays and Tuesdays, I can sleep as late as nine...even though my daughter is up usually by 6:30 (she is almost 11 months old). My husband, who is up getting ready to go to the gym, will bring her in to me in bed and I will nurse her and try to coax her back to sleep, which usually works but sometimes takes almost and hour. We cuddle and she nurses until she falls asleep and then we both sleep until she wakes up, by 9 at the latest. On Wednesday and Thursday I get up at 7, which ironically are usually the days my daughter sleeps until after 7. I babysit a friends daughter and she gets to my house about 7:45, so I have time to get myself ready, get the house ready and get my daughter ready, if she has woken up. Friday I have MOPS and have to be out the door by 8:50, so I am up by 7. My husband usually keeps and eye on my daughter while I am in the shower, if she is up, or else I put her in the pack and play with some toys right outside the bathroom door. Weekends just depend on when I get up. I wish I had a better getting up at 6:30 everyday and getting ready, but honestly, I only have one kid so I try to get as much sleep as she will let me, since she still doesn't sleep through the night.

  8. Kelly,

    When I only had one baby, I didn't have much of a schedule either. And she was a horrible sleeper for the first 6 months of her life, so like you, I grabbed sleep when I could get it! Then once the second baby came along, I found I needed more of a set schedule/routine. There just wasn't as much flexibility in my day to be able to get up and shower whenever. Their naps rarely coincided, so it was either shower first thing in the morning, or not at all. And now that #3 is on the way, I think the schedule will be that much more important, as will be any precious time I can have to myself. :)

    I think that's the reason the first baby is such a wonderful experience. You can spend time snuggling and nursing, and just BEING with them. There are no other children clamoring for your attention. :) Enjoy this wonderful time in your baby's life. :)


  9. Hi Alissa!

    I'm like you, I get up and shower first thing in the morning while hubby is downstairs with the kids. Because if I don't grab that opportunity to take a quick shower, it ain't gonna happen!

    Hubby is up to shower and get ready for work from 6:30-7:00am, and then I get the bathroom (ALL TO MYSELF!! BLISS!) from 7-7:30am.

    With 5 kiddos, my day is filled with errands and food-making and housework and driving Mom's Taxi and time for a tubby for me!

    And I REALLY need that shower to start my day off right. If I've had my shower, I'm ready to tackle the day. If I don't get my shower, I'm a big grump :)

    Baby Countdown 2009 is ON for you! You have just a few weeks to go, right? Sending you wonderful thoughts for a healthy and beautiful birth from my little home to yours. Enjoy these last few weeks of crazy nesting :)

  10. Our son wakes up between 7 and 8 most mornings, which serves as our alarm clock. Before he was born, we were big fans of sleeping in on weekends, but at 9 months old, he hasn't figured out the difference between Saturday and Monday :)

  11. I get up at 5:30 and get my hubby's breakfast ready and pack him a lunch. He's out the door by 6:15. My 4 year old wakes up between 6:30 and sometimes 8am. (Usually it's 7am most days).
    If you are able to get up an hour earlier and truly be by yourself, then I HIGHLY recommend it. It would be so worth it. My son used to get up at 9am and I would have a couple hours to myself. Boy do I miss those days lol