Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Progress Report!

Okay, I actually SEWED last night, so I thought I'd keep you updated (and keep myself accountable in the process!)  I made:
6 Christmas coasters, made from the tutorial available at Chickpea Sewing Studio.  Originally, I was going to make these for a gift exchange for Bruce's Christmas Party (along with a tin of organic, fair trade hot chocolate), but I deemed them not gift-worthy.  The ric-rac was trickier than I anticipated and I had some trouble getting it even.  So we're going to keep them for ourselves - I've never had Christmas coasters before!  (Or any coasters for that matter).  :)  

And these I finished last week, but thought I'd show them to you anyway.  I wanted some inexpensive gifts to give to Norah's teachers (one for library preschool, and her 2 regular preschool teachers).  Library Preschool finished last week, so I already gave that one away, but here are the two remaining.  I gave them each a bar of fair trade, organic milk chocolate (ask me how hard it was to have these in the house and not eat them!), and a cute apron ornament (tutorial found here).  I decided to skip gift wrapping altogether, so I just tied them up with this pretty ribbon that they can re-use.  I think I might have spent $4.00 on each of these gifts, which I think is pretty reasonable!

Tonight's project is either going to entail working on Owen's book, or starting the kids' pajamas.  I'm leaning toward doing the pajamas first (because I know they don't take long), where the book is going to take several nights, and may or may not get finished in time.  


  1. Very pretty! Those are lovely gifts, and I think the coasters look very nice too. Any imperfections are hard to see - and would add to the homemade charm anyway. :)

  2. Thanks, Jennifer! The coasters are just fine for our coffee table... I just wasn't sure the audience they were intended for would appreciate the "homemade charm". :) I haven't decided yet if I'm going to make something else, or just go out and buy something. We'll see how the rest of the week goes!

  3. The coasters are very cute! Great Job getting some sewing done. :) I'd go w/the pajamas first if they are for christmas.