Thursday, December 11, 2008

Progress Report #2

Last night after we got the kids tucked in bed, I came downstairs and spent a few minutes at the computer, reading my daily blogs.  One of my new favourite blogs is Green and Crunchy.  She makes AMAZING vegan food, and I am constantly in awe of all of it!  While I was browsing last night, I found this recipe for Very Vegan Chocolate Chippie Hippie Spelt Cookies.  Wow, that's a mouthful!  Of course, I had to drop everything I was doing (or about to do!), and try them IMMEDIATELY.  I didn't have all of the ingredients she suggested, so I made do with what I had in my kitchen.  For nuts and seeds, I used pecans, light sesame seeds, dark sesame seeds, and flax seeds.  I didn't have any vegan chocolate chips, so I used regular milk-chocolate ones (rendering the cookies no longer vegan!), and my spelt flour was pre-ground.  :) Otherwise, I was able to follow the recipe exactly, and they were delicious!  Even my oh-so-picky husband approved.  

But fear not, I didn't let it deter me from working on some sewing.  :)  After the cookie mess was all cleaned up (and some eaten with tea), I got to work cutting out the kids' Christmas PJs.  I made my husband some pajama pants last year with "The Incredibles" fabric, and had a ton left over, so decided to use it up for the kids' PJs.  I ironed all of the fabric, cut out the pattern tissue, and pinned and cut out all the pieces.  The only thing I was lacking was banding (I only had black, and I thought it was a bit harsh-looking for kids' PJs), so I'll have to stop in at Fabricville this week to pick up some white.  I'm happy with what I got accomplished.  Tonight is a good TV night, so I think I'll be doing some couch-friendly sewing...  like picking apart some diapers.  Not my favourite task, but it will be much more pleasant while watching ER and Grey's Anatomy, eating some Very (not so) Vegan Chocolate Chippie Hippie Spelt Cookies, drinking tea by the fire, and enjoying the twinkly Christmas tree.  


  1. Sounds like fun! I need to get my Christmas tree up. It is a yucky, rainy afternoon here, so maybe I'll tackle that next (it's faux, my husband is allergic to the real deal - so sad!). I did most of the other Christmas decorating yesterday.

    Hope you have a relaxing and productive evening! :)

  2. Oh My. I am drooling all over my keyboard here. Your cookies look delicious! I like your substitutions too. Were there any left over for the kids? (haha)

    Your sewing is inspiring to me! I wish I had more time to do it. I am trying to slow down and make time for it -- I need to make some fun coasters too :)

    Your little spot here on the internet is inspiring and lovely!

  3. Sheri,

    I do have less than half the number of kids that you do... and they're too young for homeschooling... and by the looks of things you spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen! If you manage to find time to sew, then I REALLY won't have any excuses! lol