Friday, November 14, 2008

Like a box of candy...

Thanks to this post over at Jenn of All Trades, I was inspired to pick up one of these bead organizers from Michael's to use for my snaps.  Mine was a little pricier than hers for some reason ($4.99 instead of $1.99!), but the end result was sooooo worth it!  Don't they look good enough to eat?  :)  And I love how it had the exact number of compartments I needed...  that makes my inner organizational freak happy.  So thanks, Jenn!  Now I don't have to worry about spilling snaps out of snipped-open plastic baggies any more.  :)


  1. Beautiful! I love that kind of stuff too. Not that you could tell from looking around my office (where I'm sitting). ;)


  2. I think you bought the bigger one....which may be a better thing. I just had mine tip over and it opened be thankful you got the 4.99 model ;)