Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hallowe'en costumes, as promised...

I know I promised you a picture of the kids' Hallowe'en costumes, so here it is.  I guess I should mention that Norah changed her mind...she wanted to be a flower for Hallowe'en! And so Owen was a bumble bee.  They were a bit more of a challenge than I expected!  The bumble bee turned out great - I was really happy with that.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but there are black wings that snapped onto the back of the costume.  It was adorable - he was running around making buzzing noises.  :) The flower was a little trickier.  I used craft foam for the pedals, and had a really hard time getting them to stand up.  Then Hallowe'en morning I tried the hood on her (it was supposedly a size large!), and the chin strap didn't even come close to meeting.So I had to devise a new chin strap.  And then the weight of the flower pedals kept making the hood fall down in her face, so I had to add a strap at the back that snapped onto the jumper to keep that from happening.  Needless to say I was so DONE sewing that thing by the time Hallowe'en came!  And then on Hallowe'en night the camera batteries were dead (it's a rechargeable battery pack, so there was no popping new batteries in)...  so we had to wait for my in-laws to arrive with their camera.  By then the kids weren't in the mood for pictures, so this is the best we got.  :)  Anyway, the kids had fun, and Norah loved her costume anyway, so that's what counts!


  1. You are very talented! Those costumes are fabulous -- am envious of your sewing skills :) So cute that your son was buzzing around!
    You are inspiring me to dust off my machine and whip something up too :)