Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What can I accomplish in 1/2 an hour?

I'm trying to establish a new habit of sewing for one hour each evening. Any of you who are moms know that time is a scarce commodity, and we have to grab snippets of time when we can, or nothing will ever get accomplished. I find that having set times each day to do certain things is the best way to make progress. So even though by the time the kids are finally tucked in bed in the evenings, I'm exhausted and just want to plop on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and some good T.V., I've been forcing myself to the sewing machine. "Forcing myself" sounds like such a strange thing to say, since I love to sew! It's just that I never feel like I have the energy.

Last night I didn't go straight to the sewing machine, but plopped on the couch instead. And then I didn't want to get back up again. House (our favourite show!) was starting in 1/2 an hour, so I thought, what's the point? What can I possibly accomplish in 1/2 an hour? But then guilt got the best of me, and I got off my butt and went into my sewing room. In 1/2 an hour, I:

  • Replaced the blade on my rotary cutter (actually, my husband did it for me, but I instigated it!)
  • Serged a badly fraying dishcloth that looked like it was headed for the garbage - but now it should have a good year of life left in it
  • Repaired the hem on a curtain (it had come undone in the wash)
  • Cut out (with my new rotary cutter blade!) the external soaker for the last diaper I made
So, what can I possibly accomplish in 1/2 an hour? Apparently a lot! So if I stick to my goal of one hour per evening, each night of the week, just imagine what I could get done! All of those little bits of time add up. I have a long list of Christmas gifts to get cracking on, not to mention Hallowe'en costumes. If I stick to my goal, I should easily be able to get it all done.


  1. I LOVE this method of working on things. I do it with music practice, reading, decluttering, etc. I set the timer and just go to it. I am always surprised how much I get done.


  2. I've been doing the same thing ever since our son was born. I no longer have four hour chunks of time to clean on weekends (or to do anything, any day!), so I clean in 15 minute blocks whenever I can. Same goes for the work I do on the computer. It's working pretty well so far. I need to sew too (those diapers aren't going to make themselves), but I'm not very good at it yet - in 1/2 an hour I would get done what would probably take you 10 minutes :)