Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Creating a Food Binder

In my efforts to get more organized before baby #3 arrives, I've decided to start a Food Binder. I had a food section in my Household Notebook, but it was pitiful. Just a few hand-scrawled recipes and some take-out menus. And I hardly ever looked at it, unless I needed to refer to one of those hand-scrawled recipes, or order take-out (which we do almost never!). My idea was to start collecting all of the recipes that we use on a regular basis, type them up nicely, and keep them all together in a binder. That way I'm not thumbing through recipe books, trying to remember which book had such-and-such recipe. I found this great program called Mac Gourmet, that lets you type up your recipe, put in a picture, and then you can print it out in a nice, recipe-like format. I guess it would be just as easy to use Microsoft Word or something like that. So each night, as I make dinner, I've been taking a picture of it, and typing up the recipe. I plan to do the same with baking, etc. Before long I should have most of my recipes typed up (I really don't have that many of them!), and my Food Binder shall be complete. :) Well, I guess it will never be complete, because as we try new recipes, if we decide they qualify as "favourites" I'll be adding them to the binder as well. And since the ingredients will all be listed with each recipe (obviously), it should make my weekly meal-planning session go a little quicker, too! So, theoretically, I should only have to browse my cook books in order to find new recipes. I promise to take a picture once it's complete!


  1. That's a great idea. I do something similar, but I don't have pictures and I like that idea.

    I keep untried recipes in folders in my filing cabinet. Things we tried and like move into the binder. I keep some of the clear plastic sticky photo pages in the binder too, for small recipe cards from friends, etc. It is a big help, and way less messy than what I used to have.


  2. That is a great idea. We have a binder, of sorts. It has a couple recipes that have been printed off the internet, hand written, made up, etc. My husband keeps saying we need more of a folder than a binder, but I intend to get it organized one day...