Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back entry? Greenhouse? Woodpile?

This is what our back entry currently looks like. We had some tomato plants outside that, for various reasons (late starting, too much rain, not enough sun...) didn't do very well. And with the weather getting colder, we thought we might as well bring them inside and see if the tomatoes will ripen. They're cherry tomatoes, so I guess we'll be eating an awful lot of them if they actually do ripen!

And our little wood pile - as the weather gets colder, we usually bring in about a week's worth of wood at a time and stack it by the back door for easy access. Sure beats going out on a frigid morning to get wood!

So I guess we won't be using our back entry for awhile. But it's for a good cause. :)


  1. Looks very 'homestead-ish' :)

  2. Yaay! :) lol A year ago I never would have thought I'd be excited about my home looking homestead-ish.

  3. Thanks for the great comment you left on my blog. That was really sweet of you. Sadly, we don't have a porch or patio, we have 0 outdoor space.

    If I didn't have a demon cat I would attempt some indoor container gardening but...I have a demon cat that eats every plant in the house until and inch of plant is left above the soil.

    I subscribed to your I'm going to use you as some of my inspiration in this slow process. Have a good day!