Saturday, September 6, 2008

Serger Update

So I decided to take my serger in to my local sewing maching repair shop and have them take a look at it. I actually had it in for an overhaul at the end of June, and told him about the issues I was having, and he had supposedly fixed them. But since we were away for all of July, I didn't really get to put it to the test until August, and found that the issues hadn't been resolved at all! The machine was still skipping stitches like crazy. So I took it back to him on Thursday and asked him to look at it again. He serged a couple of pieces of woven cotton, and they came out beautifully - not a skipped stitch to be found! But then I handed him a piece of knit. And lo and behold, the serger hated it. It was not only skipping stitches, but the loopers were a mess! (Look here if you need a visual!) After close to an hour of adjusting various things, he seemed to have corrected it. Ecstatic, I took it back home, and plugged it in to show my husband. Look, honey - no more skipped stitches!! Wrong. It was right back to doing what it was doing before. I almost cried. I think I just need to accept the fact that my machine is past its prime. I've had it for about 13 years, and put it through its fair share of abuse. I think, for the time being, it will still work adequately for finishing seams on woven fabrics. But the real reason I bought a serger was for sewing knits! For those of you who have never used one, a serger can both sew and finish seams on knits at the same time - and give a beautiful, stretchy seam. Sewing knits on a sewing machine is just not nearly as nice. But I guess it will have to do for now until I can raise enough money for a new one. So I am officially saving up for a new serger! I have a few cloth menstrual pads that I have sewn up and ready to list on Etsy, so I think I'll start there. Any fundraising ideas would be welcome! :)


  1. Why not sell some fleece covers or fitted dipes?

  2. Thanks Michelle - I think I'll start with the pads I already have made up and see how that goes. If I get brave I might move on to diapers. :) I still think my sewing is sub-par and needs a little more polishing - definitely something to work towards, though!