Monday, September 8, 2008

My First Etsy Listing!

Well I bit the bullet and listed something on Etsy today! I think I'll just get over the fact that I don't really think my stuff is good enough to sell. I'm just going to go ahead and do it and see how it goes. I have a few more things ready to list, but my husband accidentally took the camera to work with him! I already had pictures of this pad, so I went ahead and listed it, and I'll have to add the others later.

Here's the link!

All feedback is welcome. :) I honestly have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, so I'd especially love to hear from anybody who has done Etsy before.


  1. WAY TO GO!! Your work is beyond being good enough to sell! I think it's wonderful you're starting to sell it!

  2. Exciting! Do tell us how it goes. I've considered selling on etsy before (paintings), but I've wondered if there are enough buyers in that market.


  3. That is SO cute. And yes, your items are perfectly good to sell. I've thought that from the first time I read your blog!

  4. Yippeeee! Congrats. I'm looking forward to seeing more items for sale. (I'm up to my eyeballs in mama cloth and aunt flo hasn't visited in over a year!)

  5. Tanya and Sarah,
    Thanks for your kind words. :) I guess I'll let the market decide if it's good enough!

    I had no idea you painted! I'd love to see some of your work. What I like about Etsy is that there's no pressure... you can just put stuff on there, and if it sells, great - if not, you're not out much! (I think the listing fee is only 20 cents!).

    I hear you on being up to your eyeballs in mama cloth. lol. I made LOTS of practice pads before had any that were even remotely sellable, so of course I kept all of those for myself! I'll let you know if I get brave enough to try listing something else. :)