Thursday, September 25, 2008


What could be better than this on a crisp fall morning? :) Makes me want to go bake some muffins and have some hot apple cider.


  1. Very nice! We have a gel-burning fireplace, and I just got some more fuel for it the other day - we will definitely enjoy it this weekend.

  2. Hi, I just saw today that you asked me a question on my craft blog a month ago. I rarely check over there, so just saw it. Sorry.

    If it's not completely moot now...

    Yes, I used both rows of snaps on my diapers. The bottom row is for when the baby is tiny and needs very little rise. Then the upper row allows you to move up as the baby grows. My baby is now 2 months old and on the top snap row, but was on the bottom row for about 3 weeks. So we definatley needed both rows.

  3. Thanks, Sabra!
    No, it's definitely not too late - I've only made one diaper. :) I still have a few dozen to make. That's very helpful! And good to know the second row of snaps isn't a waste of snaps! Also good to know your baby is 2 months old and still wearing those diapers - I wasn't sure how long they would be in the newborn size.

  4. I love our fire place. It is right in the kitchen and heats the whole house. I love winter I just hate shoveling snow...wait a minute my husband does that LOl

  5. Niki - your fireplace is in the kitchen?! How cool is that! Is it a stove or a traditional fireplace? Ours heats the whole house too, it's fantastic - although can be a little nerve-wracking keeping the kids away from it. :( My husband does all the shoveling too! hee hee.