Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tempted.... ohhhh so tempted....

I've been dreaming of a snap press forever. Okay, maybe not forever... but for a good few months now. :) I think of how easy it would be to whip up some cloth pads or cloth diapers if I had one of these babies. Those snaps that you put on with a hammer...while they do work... are a pain in my butt. And I end up breaking at least 3 snaps before getting one that sets right. And I've only been doing a single snap on pads, I can't imagine having to put multiple snaps on a diaper. And I DO have to make some new diapers now that there is a new babe on the way. But I still don't feel quite justified in the purchase. I would be buying it out of my allowance (my husband and I each get a bit of blow money each month -that we can spend however we wish!), but I still wonder if it's a worth-while purchase.

It costs $100.00 (Canadian!), plus taxes and shipping, so I'm probably looking at $150, all told. It includes the snap press, size 20 dies, and 500 sets of snaps. See for yourself if you'd like. I'd need to save up my allowance for a couple of months to cover the cost, or else find a way to bring in a little extra money (like from selling pads and diapers, maybe??). There are 5 more available (just a week ago there were 8!).

I think I'll have to give this some more thought. Sometimes a pregnant brain can be irrational. Does it seem excessive to spend $150.00 on something just so you can put snaps on things??


  1. I say go for it, then make some stuff to sell so you can make some of your money back.

  2. Do you have anything in Canada like freecycle or Craigslist where you might be able to get a used one? Even maybe ebay (although good deals are few and far between there nowadays).

  3. Christine,

    I hadn't thought of that so I went looking... I only found one on eBay (for $185!), and nothing locally on Craig's List. Thanks though! That was worth looking into.

  4. I say go for it. You do fantastic sewing, and a snap machine would make it a lot easier to make diapers with snaps. For someone like me, who is woefully unskilled on a sewing machine, crookedly-sewed-on velcro with mis-matched thread is as good as it's gonna get for diapers around here. But from the pictures you've posted, I'd say the stuff you make deserves a snap machine!