Friday, August 22, 2008

Kite Flying and Raspberry Jam

My daughter has been asking to go kite flying for quite awhile now. We thought going and buying a kite was for wimps...that we should make our own kite! So we diligently spent all of last week-end looking up instructions online, gathering the needed materials, and building the kite. It was actually a fun family project! I did the sewing parts, my husband did the wood and string parts, and my daughter did the painting parts. :) Sunday evening it was time for a test-flight. We all went to a park, and we tried, and we tried....but the kite would not fly. the tail kept getting badly tangled, until we finally got fed up and ripped it off.

The kids seemed to be enjoying themselves nonetheless! Who needs a kite when you have a wide open space to run around?

But my daughter was so disappointed that we couldn't get that kite up in the air. So we ran to Zellers and bought one. It cost $7.49 (less than we spent on materials for our homemade kite!), and it flew like a dream.

On closer inspection of our purchased kite, we realized the problem with our home-made kite... we had made it upside-down! We put the cross bars on the bottom of the kite, rather than the wonder we couldn't get the thing off the ground! So it's back to the drawing board. I ordered a kite-making book at our library. If at first you don't succeed...try, try again!

And last but not least... the yummy result of my husband and daughter's raspberry-picking session 2 week-ends ago. I actually had nothing to do with this! They picked all the berries, and my husband made the jam. Yum! We were able to get 9 jars of jam - but at the rate it's disappearing around here I don't imagine it's going to last very long!


  1. Looks like fun - I remember flying kites with my dad fondly.

    We went raspberry picking about a month ago and it was great. They are so delicious fresh. I haven't tried making jam, but that's one of those things I'd like to learn someday (a very long list).

  2. I wish I had parents like you guys when I was a kid. I always wanted to fly a kite... and homemade raspberry jam? Your husband is a dream! Too sweet :)

  3. I wish I had of picked raspberries. They are so expensive around here so I just got strawberries. Great job and there is something about homemade jam and homemade bread....

  4. Jennifer,
    We should compare to-do lists sometime. lol. I bet they're similar in length!

    Thank you! What a sweet thing to say. :) I try to be the parent I wish I had when I was a kid. :) And yes, my husband is a dream. I'm a lucky girl.

    Lucky for us, the raspberries were free! My husbands parents grow them on their property, and were too busy to pick them this year, so they asked if we wanted them. They also have wild blueberries, and blackberries...I think we missed the blueberries, but blackberry jam is yummy too! Unfortunately we were away during strawberry season, so we missed those - and those are my absolute favourite. :(