Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Water Bottles

Okay guys, I need some input. :)

We're going on a long trip, by car pretty soon (yes, we are insane). I was hoping to get some stainless steel water bottles for us all to take with us. I had ordered some Safe Sippies through our local baby store, but they've been back-ordered for months, and looks like they won't be in for at least another few weeks.

Our local sports store carries Sigg water bottles. I know it's a well-known brand, but I'm leary of the fact that they're aluminum, and that the company has been a little sketchy with the details of what the heck they are lined with. They are darned cute, though.

Does anyone have an opinion on this? Have you tried anything that you've liked? Do we even NEED water bottles? I thought they would be handy for the trip, and then we would continue to use them once we got home - if we each had our own, it would eliminate the seemingly millions of glasses and cups we seem to go through in a day around here. We would just keep refilling our own bottles. They're also handy for taking with us when we're out on the town, and I would like to get rid of the plastic sippy cups we still have (although they claim to be BPA-free, I'm leary of plastic in general, now).

So any thoughts or opinions would be welcomed!

Thanks. :)


  1. I got my husband a Sigg (because they were easier to find around here). But then he dropped it from a second story balcony and it totally dented (so that the lining on the inside wasn't intact anymore) and wasn't safely usable. By then I was wishing I had gotten him a Klean Kanteen. So I did. It has a wider mouth than the Sigg and I think it is easier to clean and keep clean. I want to get one of their sippy cups for my daughter. I don't like the thought of anything sitting in plastic for very long, either. So that's my two cents - I'd like for our whole family to have Klean Kanteens! For me, right now - I reuse a Voss glass water bottle and that is fine with me. Hope that helps!

  2. There are quite a few BPA free sippy cups on the market now. I just got three at Zellers, or are you set on the stainless steel. I love those Kleen KAnteen but they are so expensive and they are backordered.

  3. Emily,

    Yep, that definitely helps! I was having a hard time resisting the cuteness of them, but the aluminum makes me nervous. There were also several disclaimers on the bottle, such as drink fluids quickly, don't leave in a hot place, don't leave in a cold place, etc., etc. I didn't like having so many conditions on my water. :) It also made me think that it probably wasn't the healthiest water bottle.

    I've been looking at the Klean Kanteens as well, but I know they're backordered in most places.

    We do still have a couple of BPA-free sippy cups. That's why I'm sort of questioning whether or not we need the stainless steel ones. But I am still a little leary of plastic, even the BPA-free variety, so eventually I would like to replace them.

  4. I have some Safe Sippys on order as well, and was just told they should be shipping late July to us.

    For my hubby and I, the SIGGs with the lining made me too nervous, but I really like the designs of the SIGG combined with the stainless steel of the Klean Kanteen (they're too plain for me), so I searched around and finally found some pretty stainless ones with nature themed designs.

    Bought them a few weeks back (I got the Tree one and my hubby got the crow one), and we use them EVERYWHERE... I have to say I wasn't one to carry liquids around with me before, but it's always cold, and so easy to grab and rinse out and reuse again. No metallic taste at all, and they're super durable. I'm really pleased with them...

    Here's a photo of my stainless tree bottle:

    I'm just so happy we dumped the plastic, and anxious to get those safe sippys for the kids. Good luck!

  5. Jenna,

    Oooooh, I like those a LOT! I'm going to see if I can find a Canadian supplier for those!

    What I especially like about us each having our own water bottle is that it will simplify our lives in the sense that we will each have our own, and I won't be constantly washing glasses and sippy cups! (or picking them up from all around the house!) Hmmm... now I'm thinking we should each have our own set of utensils, and one plate and one bowl. :) Would that be taking things too far??!! lol

  6. I've read here that Sigg bottles have some kind of icky in their coating so you're right not to get those. The aluminum isn't so much the worry, although you are better off getting stainless steel instead. But the author recommends the Think Sport bottle instead. I haven't tried it myself, but ya never know!

  7. We got our stainless steel bottles at Whole Foods (I think...) They're from Enviro Products:
    We love them, and have been using them for quite a while now. We still use plastic on our bikes, because the stainless steel ones don't fit in the water bottle cages on our bikes. But otherwise, we've ditched the plastic bottles. Have a great trip!!