Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm baaaack. :)

We're back from a wonderful, but exhausting trip. :) We had a great time visiting family. We were there for two full weeks, which seems like a lot of time, but it flies by so quickly - there never seems to be enough time to spend with everyone. The car ride was fairly uneventful - thank goodness for portable DVD players! I'm so glad I had kids after these were invented. :) So now we're just settling back into routines and getting things back into order. It's nice getting away, but sometimes it's even nicer to be back home, in your own surroundings. I don't realize how attached I am to my routine until I break away from it for awhile!

We came home to a house with no food (I managed to empty the entire refrigerator during the week before we left - we had some pretty wacky meals that week! lol), and a house full of cat hair - apparently the darned cats didn't vacuum while we were away. It's amazing how much cat hair accumulates over 3 weeks! Yikes. I had barely dropped my bags at the front door and I already had the vacuum out. I was too exhausted to grocery shop, so we ordered pizza for supper, and then I got up bright and early the next morning to go get groceries. We're pretty much back on track now. And it's a good thing... because my energy is a bit low these days. As it turns out, we are pregnant. :) 6 weeks and 2 days, to be exact. Just in time to feel icky, queasy, and exhausted... but very excited. Our little bundle is due sometime in March. :)

Thanks to those of you who hung in there during my 3 week hiatus!


  1. Welcome back and congrats, what a blessing. Hopefully the sickness will stay away and you will have a wonderful 8 months.

  2. Congratulations!!

  3. Oh my goodness - congratulations!!! So happy for you, and can't wait to follow your adventures as you wait for your new little one :)

  4. Wow! Congratulations. I'm so happy for you :)

  5. That's wondeful! Congratulations!

  6. Oh my goodness, congratulations! <3<3<3

    It'll be so much better being UBER-preggy in winter than in summer, lol

    I'm so happy for you. :D

  7. I'm glad you had a good vacation. And it's nice to have you back posting again. I love your blog. And congratulations on the baby! I agree with you on the midwife idea. I had a family practice doctor deliver my first and an OB GYN for my second. They were completely "adequate" but also very impersonal. My nurse during my second delivery was a retired midwife--meaning she decided to take a 9-5 job after many years of around the clock deliveries. She was older and therefore very experienced. I absolutely loved her and wished she were just going to deliver my baby instead of the doctor who rushed in just in time to catch my baby as she came out, and then he was gone within 15 minutes. Nice guy, but not like the sweet midwife who helped me breathe, relax, and talked to me calmly. I had an epidural for both, which turned out well because I'm a complete wuss. However, your epidural experiences don't sound very fun. I would probably be considering going without one too if I had that happen to me. Good luck with your decisions about the midwife and home delivery. And, of course, good luck with finding energy and feeling yucky. I think we're blessed to forget all the gross feelings of morning sickness after giving birth. Once you have that cute baby in your arms, it's all worth it. But, while you're sick you're not too happy. At least I wasn't. You're probably much sweeter than I am about throwing up.

  8. Thanks so much for all of your support, guys!

    I'd have to say that one of the main reasons I originally didn't want any more kids was because I wasn't sure I could endure another bout of morning sickness! This is actually my fourth pregnancy - I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks between my two babies. I really, really despise feeling this way. However, at least I'm blessed enough to know that it only lasts 6 weeks. I would endure labour 10 times before I would endure "morning" sickness for 6 weeks - and who ever labelled it that must have been a man...for I think we all know that it lasts all day! But you are so right, it is so worth it in the end (most days...lol). We do quickly forget and move on... and end up pregnant again. lol.

    Thanks for commenting!