Thursday, July 31, 2008

Using a Midwife

I'm hoping to be able to use a midwife for this pregnancy. I had a regular doctor for my first two children, but I didn't really care for it. It was a very impersonal experience. I DESPISED spending all that time in a waiting room at the doctor's office (particularly with my second child, because I had to drag a toddler with me to every appointment). I also had an epidural for my first two pregnancies. They were both horrible experiences. For my first baby I was about 36 hours in labour, so the epidural was my saviour - it allowed me to get some much-needed rest, which I never would have gotten with all that contracting. However, they turned it off when I reached 9 cm, so I went from feeling absolutely nothing to being in excruciating pain all at once. I'm pretty sure my body was in a state of shock; my husband said he was actually scared because I seemed delerious with the pain. I was completely dysfunctional. For my second child, my labour (including delivery!) was only 4 hours. I received the epidural but he was born before it even kicked in. Given how quickly my last delivery happened, I suspect this one will go even faster, so I know I can do it without any drugs.

In my province, midwifery has just been legalized this year, so there are very few midwives here. I actually had a lot of trouble tracking one down. It's also not yet covered by our provincial health plan (although it should be very, very soon!), so I'm not sure how much it will cost us to use a midwife at this point. That will definitely be a deciding factor. And the one midwife in this area is apparently very choosy about who she will work with, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she will take me on as a patient!

We're on the fence about doing a home birth. Well, I'm on the fence. My husband is not. He says he absolutely wants a hospital birth. I love the idea of doing a home birth, but there's a tiny part of me that likes the idea of having a medical back-up system just in case things don't go as planned.

I would love to hear from any of you who have used a midwife and/or had a home birth. What was your experience? Have you done it both ways? Which did you prefer?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm baaaack. :)

We're back from a wonderful, but exhausting trip. :) We had a great time visiting family. We were there for two full weeks, which seems like a lot of time, but it flies by so quickly - there never seems to be enough time to spend with everyone. The car ride was fairly uneventful - thank goodness for portable DVD players! I'm so glad I had kids after these were invented. :) So now we're just settling back into routines and getting things back into order. It's nice getting away, but sometimes it's even nicer to be back home, in your own surroundings. I don't realize how attached I am to my routine until I break away from it for awhile!

We came home to a house with no food (I managed to empty the entire refrigerator during the week before we left - we had some pretty wacky meals that week! lol), and a house full of cat hair - apparently the darned cats didn't vacuum while we were away. It's amazing how much cat hair accumulates over 3 weeks! Yikes. I had barely dropped my bags at the front door and I already had the vacuum out. I was too exhausted to grocery shop, so we ordered pizza for supper, and then I got up bright and early the next morning to go get groceries. We're pretty much back on track now. And it's a good thing... because my energy is a bit low these days. As it turns out, we are pregnant. :) 6 weeks and 2 days, to be exact. Just in time to feel icky, queasy, and exhausted... but very excited. Our little bundle is due sometime in March. :)

Thanks to those of you who hung in there during my 3 week hiatus!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

On vacation! :)

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you all (okay, you know that I'm heading out on vacation on Monday, so I'm going to be taking a blogging break while I'm away. We're going to visit family in another province, and we'll be back in about 3 weeks. If anyone has any tips to share on how to maintain your sanity while driving for 3 days in a small car with 2 small children, I'd love to hear them. :) We're loading up on movies for our portable DVD player and will be making lots of stops along the way. So I'll be checking in for comments periodically but likely will not be posting... so have a lovely July, and I'll see you sometime around the end of the month!!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Water Bottles

Okay guys, I need some input. :)

We're going on a long trip, by car pretty soon (yes, we are insane). I was hoping to get some stainless steel water bottles for us all to take with us. I had ordered some Safe Sippies through our local baby store, but they've been back-ordered for months, and looks like they won't be in for at least another few weeks.

Our local sports store carries Sigg water bottles. I know it's a well-known brand, but I'm leary of the fact that they're aluminum, and that the company has been a little sketchy with the details of what the heck they are lined with. They are darned cute, though.

Does anyone have an opinion on this? Have you tried anything that you've liked? Do we even NEED water bottles? I thought they would be handy for the trip, and then we would continue to use them once we got home - if we each had our own, it would eliminate the seemingly millions of glasses and cups we seem to go through in a day around here. We would just keep refilling our own bottles. They're also handy for taking with us when we're out on the town, and I would like to get rid of the plastic sippy cups we still have (although they claim to be BPA-free, I'm leary of plastic in general, now).

So any thoughts or opinions would be welcomed!

Thanks. :)