Monday, June 9, 2008

Menu-Plan Monday

Wow, is it Monday already?
I've actually been a little hesitant to post my weekly meal plans lately, because, well, they're a little predictable! I guess for me that's a good thing, because it keeps my life simple (just the way I like it!), but could be a bit boring for you. :)

Normally our weekly menu goes something like this: Saturday - a burger and a vegetable (either salad, steamed veggies, or homemade fries), Sunday is soup day, Monday is stir-fry day, Wednesdays I normally do some kind of baked casserole of sorts, and Fridays are always pizza day (either homemade, or occasionally we pick one up, depending on what kind of a Friday it's been!). So that only leaves Tuesday and Thursday for me to figure out. And I limit myself to one new recipe a week. That way I only have to tax my brain once a week, the rest of the time I can cook on auto-pilot (which is good, when you have a 3-year old and an 18-month old tearing the place apart and talking your ear off while you're trying to make supper!). I make things interesting by making different salad dressings, different stir-fry sauces, or different types of rice. Otherwise, it's all the same. :)

So now you know my secret. Boring is easy. That's how I like it.

On that note, here is my predictable menu for the week:

Saturday: Veggie Chick 'n burgers & salad

Sunday: Alphabet tomato soup & biscuits

Monday: Veggie stir-fry on brown rice with peanut sauce

Tuesday: Red lentil dahl on rice

Wednesday: Shepherd's Pie

Thursday: Broccoli shells on rice

Friday: Pizza

For more exciting menu plans, visit!


  1. Oh, very curious about the stir fry with peanut- do you have a recipe? Sounds interesting!

    (another veg meal planner)

  2. Admittedly, I do not. :(

    I've tried several times to make a good peanut sauce, but it just never seems to turn out right! So we've decided to keep using the President's Choice peanut sauce, which is, in my opinion, perfect. :) Maybe that's why I think mine aren't so good.

    Anyone out there with a good peanut sauce???

  3. Love that link, I know I'm going to get some fantastic ideas from it. I always intend to do weekly or biweekly menus but it just never seems to work out that way.

    Also, thanks for adding me to your blogroll, I'm so flattered! :D

  4. Oh, and re: peanut sauce, I've never tried it but his other recipes have always worked out deliciously: It's under the coconut shrimp recipe but it is made with fish sauce.

    There is this recipes that he calls a faux-peanut sauce; it'd be good for someone who had peanut allergies!

  5. Green Plan(t),

    Meal planning revolutionized my life - truly! I don't know how I survived without it! I post my meal plan on the fridge, so I can easily see what I have to make that night for supper. Anything that I don't have to think about makes my life easier!

    Ditto for the link love. :)

    And thanks for the peanut sauce links - I'll check those out! We're trying to eliminate processed foods, but this is one we've been hanging onto. I'll check those out. :)


  6. I like this pad pattern as well. Is this one you created or where did you find it?

    I will definately check into the cloth pullups (never thought about them!). Just googled them and found several, I will definately check them out! Do you have a particular brand you would suggest? Thanks for the idea. BTW, what have you made your wipes with? I'm definatly interested in that.

    Here are some links to the deodorant and toothpaste recipes I use...

    Also, here's one for homemade Rash Cream...

    There may be several more on my blog, I can't remember what all I've posted over my 2 years!

  7. Susan,

    Thanks so much for giving me those links - I'll check those out. :) I'm sure it saves a ton of money, too!

    I can't really say I recommend a particular brand of pull-up. I bought the only ones they carried at my local cloth diaper shop, they were Happy Heinies. They do the job (ie - hold in the pee!), but they're VERY poofy, and I think I would prefer ones that also opened at the side for easy middle-of-the-night pull-up changes (we take her to pee when we go to bed, and sometimes she's wet). I think they may have modified their design since then though, so it may be worth checking out.

    Here's where I got the general idea for the new cloth pad pattern:

    She doesn't have a pattern available for download, but I just looked at the shape and copied it. She gives very clear, detailed sewing instructions!

    Keep me posted! I look forward to checking out your blog. :)


  8. What are broccoli shells? Sound interesting.

    I concur on the PC peanut sauce. Yum Yum. Haven't had it in a while since my youngest hasn't had nuts yet. Soon...soon!

  9. Alissa, thanks for checking out my blog! No, I am not vegan (I did a more in-depth answer for you on my blog comments). We do eat about 95% vegan here at home. My husband, like yours, does eat some meat outside the home, although he now chooses veggie options more often. Anyway, I do have a lot of vegan knowledge and would love to answer any questions for you! My parents are vegan and we spend a ton of time with them, I know how they cook, shop, buy shoes and even eat out!

  10. Naomi,

    Broccoli shells are just those giant pasta shells, and I stuff them with steamed broccoli, cottage cheese, swiss cheese, some onion, basil, salt, and pepper. Then I pour a can of diced tomatoes over top, cover, and bake for 30 minutes, I think. I usually serve them over brown rice. They are delicious! It's actually my husband's current favourite meal. :)

    Thanks for the offer! I will more than likely take you up on that. :) As you can see by my comment to Naomi, we still use cheese as well. :)