Monday, June 30, 2008

Learning to Crochet, and the Mom & Baby Sale

I've been wanting to learn how to crochet for some time now. I've dabbled in it here and there, but never really completed a project. (Half-finished dishcloths, anyone?). But last week while we were at the library, I found a beginner crochet book that had some really cute patterns in it. It had an iPod case, which I thought I could modify and make into a case for my Palm Pilot (which I desperately needed!). So I used some scrap yarn that I had, and made this:

It's not perfect, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. :) It fits my Palm Pilot nice and snug!

In other news, the Mom & Baby sale went wonderfully this week-end! I paid $15.00 for a table (the proceeds went to support the Mom & Baby clinic at the hospital). I didn't realize it was such a popular event! There was HUGE line up outside, and when the doors opened everyone came charging in. I sold pretty much everything in the first half hour. I also decided at the last minute to sew some cloth pads and nursing pads to bring with me. I sold all 4 sets of nursing pads, and one cloth pad - which was more than I expected. I think I got a few odd looks about the cloth pads, but one person was genuinely interested, and was asking lots of questions. The lady who ended up buying one was buying it for her incontinent 90-year old mother - but still. :) When all was said and done, we made about $230.00, which wasn't bad for a couple hours work.

Apparently they hold these about every 3 months, which I think is fantastic. It's a great way to connect moms-to-be who are in need of baby items with moms who are looking to part with baby stuff. The lady who runs the event asked me if I'd be interested in coming to the next one and doing craft items. :) So of course I said yes! I'll make up a lot more nursing pads, some menstrual pads, some cloth diapers, and maybe some bibs and things like that. I have 3 months to sew some stuff up. I'm quite excited!


  1. Heehee, I'm learning to crochet right now too. Just doing dishcloths, but it's a start, right?

  2. Oh yaay, we can compare notes. :) Or... er... stitches. lol.

  3. I just finished my first thing! It's a little off from being square, but I was able to do edging (without any instruction lol) that I'm quite proud of.

    Funny how such a little thing can make you happy. :D

  4. So I think it's only fair that you post a picture on your blog. :)

  5. I'm actually considering starting a sustainable/homestead craft blog and I'll post it there. If I do, and you're interested, I'd love to have some co-authors. :D

  6. green plan(t),

    I can't wait to see your new blog! And I'm totally flattered - although I don't know how much I have to offer, I'm totally a novice at this stuff! Both the blogging and the crafting. :) But I'd be happy to contribute!

    Take care,

  7. I started it! There's a link on today's post but it only has two posts on it so far lol.

    I'm new to blogging too, and mosts crafts, but I get so excited about new things that I throw myself head-on into them. :D

  8. Very cute. I'm teaching myself to crochet, too. I've made a scrunchie for my dtr's hair, and several failed attempts at a grannie square.