Friday, June 13, 2008

Cool new blogroll

Just a quick post to say that Blogger has added a cool new blog feature - an active blogroll. If you scroll down a little, you'll see it on the left-hand side. Rather than just the usual links, it actually shows the title of the most recent post, and how recently it was updated. Very cool! Now when I want to see if my favourite blogs have been updated, I just have to check my list, rather than visit each one.


  1. That is a neat feature.

    You could also use google reader or something like that to keep up on the blogs your read. I couldn't do without it now, and I can keep up with so many more. (Must show restraint!)

    Have a great weekend.


  2. I have mine under feeds. Under favorites there is a feeds list and the ones that are updated are dark. I will have to try your method on my blog as well.

  3. That's so cool! I need to add that to my blog!