Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Daily Schedule

Now that I'm back to blogging :) I thought I'd continue on with my scheduling series, and post about my daily schedule.

This is a schedule that has developed over the past 4 years, has evolved over time, and will continue to evolve as my children grow, and my family's needs change. So consider this a snapshot in our family's current life. This is more of a guideline than a schedule, and the times are only approximate, although I do my best to stick to it, for no other reason than when I stray from it, it leads to more work piled up for later!

So here is a day in the life of us.

6:45 am - get up & nurse the baby
7:00 am - dh & kids go downstairs for breakfast, I jump in the shower & get dressed
7:30 am - tidy upstairs (make beds, gather laundry, open drapes & blinds, etc.)
7:45 am - bring laundry downstairs, start 1 load (dh goes to get ready for work)
8:00 am - start coffee, empty dishwasher, clean up any breakfast dishes, wipe down kitchen (kids will watch a show or just play during this time).
8:30 am - make myself some breakfast, sit down with coffee, check e-mail, etc.
9:00 am - laundry in dryer or on clothes line (yaay for summer!), do weekly cleaning chore, kids "help", or play on their own. Trying to remember to shut the computer down at this time!
10:00 am
- kids morning snack, do any early dinner prep, if necessary
11:00 am - outing with kids - go for a walk, go to the park, etc.
12:00 pm - get lunch ready (dh comes home for lunch)
12:15 pm - eat lunch, clean up kitchen
1:00 pm - nap-time for ds18 mos, "Quiet Time" for dd3 (we have a spare bedroom that is designated as the "Quiet Room", where she spends 2 hours in the afternoon laying down, watching tv, or playing quietly. This is when I regain my sanity to begin "round 2". lol.
During this time, I sit with my coffee or tea, do any paperwork/bill paying, misc. deskwork, make phonecalls, etc. I aim to keep my desk clear at all times, so I try to keep things caught up on a daily basis.
3:00 pm - kids up, afternoon snack, I carry on with supper prep (I prefer to work on supper while I'm in the kitchen with the kids anyway - so snack time is a great time for this). When the kids are done their snacks, I'll usually do a craft with dd3 (I'm in the kitchen working on supper anyway, so it's a good way to keep her at the table, and I can supervise what she's doing).
4:00 pm - I sometimes work on some sewing, or other projects, while dinner is cooking, so I can still be close by the kitchen. dd3 likes to "help" me sew, so this is fun for her! Hopefully as the weather gets nicer we'll be spending this time outside in the back yard instead! Sometimes we also just sit and play during this time. This is also normally when I fold laundry.
5:30 pm - dh arrives home, we eat supper.
6:15 pm - dh takes the kids upstairs to have their fun time (they play music, dance, jump on the bed, and generally burn off energy!) This is when I get the kitchen cleaned up. When the weather gets nicer, and my husband is on "Summer Hours" (finished work at 4:30 pm, yaay!), we eat supper much earlier, and have time to take the kids to the park!
6:45 pm - take laundry upstairs and put away
7:00 pm - kids baths
7:30 pm - both kids in bed
7:30 - 10 pm - 2 nights a week I tutor, otherwise, I sew, knit, crochet, etc.
10:00 pm - bed time!

So that's pretty much it! Obviously it doesn't include things like diaper changes, potty time, picking up toys, etc. - those are just ongoing throughout the day. I'm trying to get into the habit of always putting things back where they belong as soon as we're done with them, so that we never have any major clean-up to do. I also take lots of little breaks throughout the day to sit and play with the kids, or at least see what they're doing - these aren't scheduled, but I do try to work them in!

We even roughly follow this schedule on week-ends, with the exception of the weekly cleaning chore - in place of that would be working on projects around the house, or yard work, and I also run errands and get groceries on Saturday mornings.

Everyone's schedule will look different, based on your own family's needs, of course. But sometimes it's helpful to get a glimpse of someone else's, sometimes it provides us with some much-needed inspiration! So I hope this helps!

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  1. I love how scheduled you are. I am shamefully not as organized or productive as you. You have inspired me, though, and I really appreciate the post.

  2. Trust me, it didn't happen overnight - it took me, well, 4 years to get to this point. I worked on it in little tiny chunks, until I felt like I had a system that worked well for us. And I still feel like I can't fit everything in. But I do notice a huge difference in my productivity when I'm on schedule - sort of like how you can make your money go so much further when you budget. If I don't schedule, my time slips away from me, and I don't seem to get anything accomplished. Now if I could just get out of bed an hour earlier in the morning, then I could REALLY be productive. :)

  3. I like your idea of quiet time with your toddler. I have a 3 year old and a baby and when the youngest naps it would be nice to have a little sanity check. I may try this with him. Thanks

  4. Alissa,

    This looks like a great schedule! Of course not everything gets fit in - there is such an abundance of things we could/should/want to do. You are doing great.