Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Velour Suit that Keeps On Giving. :)

I posted a couple of days ago about my old velour suit that had seen its better days. Well there were parts of it still left that I wanted to use up - but the pieces were too narrow to get any more diapers out of them. So I resorted to making some wipes and a pad instead. :)

The two printed ones on the left are backed with said velour. :) The rest are just two-sided velour. Please don't look at the giant close-up shot (darn, I shouldn't have said anything!)... my serger and I were having a fight, and the serger won.

These wipes could either be baby wipes (it's no coincidence that they match the diapers I made. lol) - or they could be feminine wipes. :) I've never used a feminine wipe, but they might be quite lovely during that time of the month. :)

Here is a close-up of the pad. I got the idea at Tiny Bird Organics. She doesn't have an actual pattern on there, so I kind of free-handed it, and followed her directions. It will probably need some tweaking. And I'll have to add a snap. I may have to break down and buy a snap press.

I used the velour for the front and the back, part of my husband's old t-shirt for a hidden inner layer, and 4 layers of flannelette for the absorbent part. (The flannelette came from an old crib sheet that didn't fit quite right any more).

Here's what the back of the pad looks like. Again, spare yourself, and don't bother with the close-up. My bobbin thread went a little wonky for awhile, must have been from all those layers. I'll grade it a little better next time.

Although it's a complete pad, the opening at the back also allows you to put some extra inserts in there if you need them. It also makes it WAAAY easier for turning the pad right side out. I quite liked the pattern overall, but it will definitely need some tweaking.

Anyway, those were my sewing adventures for the evening. And now it's time to clean up my mess and head to bed. :)

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