Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sorting those mittens!

For today's Works-For-Me Wednesday tip, I'd like to talk about mittens! And hats! And scarves! And sunglasses! And all those other accessories your kids seem to accumulate.

For us, our closet shelf was starting to resemble a mitten landfill. Every time we tried to leave the house, I'd be rooting through the pile of mitts and scarves, trying to find the right things for the right kid. Half of the pile would end up on the floor, I'd mumble some curse words under my breath, and out the door we would go, with our mis-matched mittens.

Since I'm an advocate of creating an environment that sets us up for success, I decided that this method wasn't working for us - it was making it difficult to get out of the house!

So I found these great collapsable cubes at Home Depot (on clearance, at that!), and labelled them for each person. Now all we have to do is grab the handle and pull a cube down to get the right accessories for the right person. It's a huge time-saver, and saves a lot of frustration when trying to get out of the house!

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  1. That is great. I just wrote a post on my site about something similar but I used dish pans from the dollarstore. This may work better as it fits more as I found mittens fell out...maybe I should get rid of some. Great job.

  2. Dish pans would work great too! I was actually on the lookout for some nice baskets, but then saw these, and thought they would do the trick.

    How true, sometimes instead of trying to corrall all of our stuff, maybe we should just get rid of some of it. lol.