Sunday, April 27, 2008

Selling Stuff

I have a couple of goals that have been hanging over my head that I need to buckle down and make some progress on. One is to get out of debt (which is happening slowly and steadily - but I would like to contribute to speeding this along!), and the other is to rid our home of excess stuff - particularly our basement! Our basement has become a dumping ground of sorts - whenever I'm not quite sure what to do with something, I send it down to the basement. I've managed to get most of our living space simplified and organized, but the clutter in the basement is a weight on my shoulders.

Mostly what's down there is books (lots and lots and lots of books), CDs that my husband hasn't been able to sell yet (he did recently part with over 1,000 of his beloved CDs!), baby doo-dads, puzzles and games, and lots of other odds and ends.

Since I am trying to simplify our lives as much as possible, this means ridding ourselves of the weight that comes with clutter. I believe that the only things we need in our lives are things that we love or use on a regular basis. The only things that belong in storage are seasonal items.

My Goal
I'm posting my goal so that you all will keep me accountable. :) When I keep my goals to myself, I usually don't follow through! I am going to list one thing for sale each and every day, until I run out of things to sell. This will move me closer to both of my goals: living clutter-free, and paying down debt. Whatever doesn't sell will be donated or Freecycled.

Whew - I feel lighter already. :)

Now to get started...

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