Saturday, April 26, 2008

I signed up for Pay Per Post!

I've been trying to think of some ways to earn a little extra money from home to help pay down some debts we are working on. I had heard a lot about the Pay Per Post blog network, but wasn't really sure what it was all about, so I decided to go ahead and sign up and see for myself.

The process was actually really simple! You just fill in your information, including your blog URL, and wait for your blog to be approved. Your blog has to be at least 30 days old, and you have to have 10 posts within the past 30 days. Once you've been approved, you can sign in and see what blogging opportunities you qualify for, and you can pick and choose whether you want to blog about a particular topic. In fact, just for letting you know that I've signed up for Pay Per Post, I've earned $20.00. Pretty simple!

I would only choose a Pay Per Post opportunity if it was something I believed in, and would have written about anyway - and I would ALWAYS inform my readers that it is a sponsored post (actually, this is a requirement anyway). Even if I don't do any sponsored posts, there's an affiliate program as well - so if you wanted to sign up for Pay Per Post under me, I would get $15.00 after you signed up and submitted your first post (and your first post can be just telling people that you've signed up for Pay Per Post!). You would then have the same opportunity to earn $15.00 for everyone who signs up under you and then submits a post.

I'm excited for this opportunity, and can't wait to see some money rolling into my PayPal account. :)

If you're interested in signing up, click here:

I'll keep you updated on my PPP earnings. :)

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