Sunday, March 23, 2008

Trying my hand at cloth diapers.

Well even though my little guy is quite happy in his Fuzzi Bunz, I still felt this urge to try sewing my own cloth diapers. There is something about making things yourself that brings you closer to the whole process. I made use of some fabric scraps and some t-shirts that I had around the house to make them - can you think of a better way to recycle things you already have??

Here was my first attempt. This one was the Fern and Faerie pattern, and is meant to be made out of recycled t-shirts and such. It turned out okay, but the leg elastic went a little funny on one side. Not bad for a first attempt, though.

The next one I tried was the Rita's Rump pattern. I quite liked how simple this one was! There is no fastener on these, so you can fasten them with a single diaper pin (for ultimate adjustability), or you can just leave it as-is, and put a wrap-style cover over it. The nice thing about a separate diaper and cover, is that if you're just hanging around the house, or if it's a hot summer day, you can let them run around with just the diaper on (no cover), so that they stay nice and cool - and just change them as soon as you notice they're wet.

And then I made the Rita's Rump cover out of fleece, to go over the diaper:

I thought it fit quite nicely. :)

Next, I wanted to try making a "Butt Sweater". I had read somewhere that you could make a diaper cover out of an old wool sweater that has been washed in hot water and dried in the drier (this felts the wool and makes it waterproof). You cut a triangle out of the sweater and sew it up, leaving leg holes, and then cut the sleeve cuffs off the sweater, and sew them onto the leg holes. I thought this was really cute!

A friend of mine is interested in cloth diapering, so she asked me if I would mind sending her one of the diapers I had made, so that she could look at it and try to make some herself. I decided I would make a girly one for her, using the Mama Bird pattern. This was my favourite diaper so far: (Recognize the fabric? I used the scraps to make my menstrual pad). :)
And I had some fleece scraps laying around, so I decided I would go ahead and make her a cover, as well. Isn't it cute? This one was really quick to sew up - probably half an hour, tops. It was made from Katrina's Sew Quick Soaker pattern.

All of these are pocket-style diapers, by the way, so there's an opening where you can stuff whatever you want in there - a facecloth, a handtowel, whatever - to make it absorbent. I made them entirely out of things I already had in the house - fabric scraps, and some promotional t-shirts that Bruce had from a work event, that likely would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. You can also use receiving blankets, old sheets, old flannel pajamas - you name it! It just goes to show that you can do cloth without spending a fortune. (Wish I had known this before splurging on my Fuzzi Bunz - but I have to say, I love them and wouldn't trade them for the world!).


  1. Wow, you rock :) They look great!

  2. lol... thanks Michelle. These ones were actually kind of wonky... they did actually get a bit better once I made a few more. :)