Saturday, March 22, 2008

My shopping trip today. :)

Well in spite of the Easter Saturday crowds, I had a rather fun shopping day today!

Here is some of what I found:

We're trying to replace our plastic kitchenware with stainless steel and glass alternatives, so I stopped at Value Village, and for $12.00 got the following:

A wisk. (Mine was broken!)
A really, really cool, old-fashioned ice cube tray. :)
Two heart-shaped cake pans
A cannister (I already put my coffee in it!)
A pie plate (can you believe I didn't already own one of these?)

Edited to add: Thanks to a heads-up from my cousin Tanya, it turns out that the cake pans and ice cube trays are actually aluminum, and not stainless steel. Since there are concerns about aluminum toxicity, I have decided to return these items. I haven't given up though! Has anyone come across a stainless steel ice cube tray in their travels? :)

I also went to the Farmer's Co-Op, and got some things to get started on my organic vegetable garden. :) Not bad for $22.00!

And finally, I stopped at Charlene's Nutrition Centre to get some organic dried basil, and ended up getting a bunch of stuff! Turns out it's an organic dried goods gold mine in there! I got some flour, honey, maple syrup, popcorn, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, kidney beans, flax seeds, almonds, raisins, and rolled oats - everything I need to make some granola bars!


  1. Hi, I love your blog and also the fact that you are a fellow canuck. I have a post every Thursday called Thrift store Thursdays where bloggers can post and link their finds of the week. Why not join as we love to share and brag about the cool things we find.

  2. OH, that sounds like fun! I got a couple of good finds yesterday. :) I'll have to take pictures and post them!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog - I love yours as well!